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PPC Management Consulting Services

Our PPC Guru’s will steer qualified traffic to your site, generate awareness for your brand, increase product and services sales, and MORE!

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How Our PPC Experts Will Help You

We are paid advertising and SEM experts when it comes to applying pay-per-click (PPC) management to your business. Search engine marketing (SEM) is an easy and a great way to generate sales and get ahead of your competitors. We can eliminate beginners mistakes or take over for other agencies and start generating results.


Increase Leads & Revenue

One great thing about PPC is that you can start driving clicks right away. Unlike SEO which can take time you will be able to start seeing traffic to your site immediately.

Protect your brand

It can take a long time to build up your brand awareness and you must protect it. It is legal for your competition to bid on your branded keywords and you need experts that can help you take action.

Beat your competition

Our experts will put in the research to know what keywords to target that will help drive awareness or sales based on your business objective. Competition is healthy and we want to beat everyone and help you do so with profitable campaigns.

Marketing by Data is a Google Partner.

Marketing by Data is Bing Ads Certified.

Our PPC Management Process


We research how consumers are looking for your product and service, your competitor landscape, and your current paid advertisements.


Based on the analysis that we perform we will develop a strategy for execution.


Finally we will execute your strategy and start driving qualified traffic. We then continually manage, review, and optimize your ads.

Optimize & Repeat

Once campaigns are implemented they need continuous tweaking to ensure the highest performance.

Google Adwords

Search Ads are text based ads that are served based on keywords that you target. We are Google certified and can get you the best results.

Mobile Ads

Mobile Ads are specifically for people searching on a mobile device. We are able to optimize your ads to get the best performance.

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads display your product based on what people search for. We are able to get your product in front of people and even optimize them to go to your store to purchase.

Display Ads

Display ads are visual banners that are displayed across the web. These are great for generating awareness and remarketing.


Remarketing is a key aspect of any campaign. Just because someone interacted with your site does not mean they will remember your site and come back.

Meta Ads (FB & IG)

Whether you want to increase your likes, drive sell more products or services, or generate more brand awareness we can help.

Bing Advertising

As certified Bing advertisers we can help drive business from a platform that still gets approximately 20% of search market share.

PPC Audit

Our PPC audit will uncover how to be more efficient at what you are currently doing or how to get started.

PPC Is Essential For Growing Your Online Presence

Having a beautiful website does not mean that people will know about you. With SEM you can start generating results immediately. PPC is a great way to supplement your SEO efforts or as a standalone marketing channel.

Your marketing mix should have more than one channel that you are able to generate business from. Having all your eggs in basket leaves you exposed or scrambling when that basket breaks. Diversifying your marketing efforts will open you up to more opportunities and support your current efforts.

We take your marketing to then next level by applying our expertise to get in front of those looking for your services or products. We can help you build out new campaigns or optimize the ones you currently have running.

New to PPC? We can get everything setup and start generating traffic to your site right away. All we need to do is get an understanding of the solution you provide and the people you are trying to target.

Leverage our years of experience in multiple industries including legal, entertainment, auto, home services, and more.

Let our PPC Gurus start getting you results.

PPC Management Services Include

Keyword Discovery and Selection
Advertisment Copy & Asset Creation
Assist in Landing Page Optimization
Conversion Tracking Assistance
Call Tracking and Setup Assistance
PPC Monitoring and Reporting
Competitive Research & Analysis
Continuous Campaign Optmizations
PPC Cost Management and Adjustments
Landing Page Development & Improvements

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