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We will build  you an optimized website that you own. Unlike other developers we are experts at building an SEO optimized website that is optimal to convert traffic to sales.

About The Websites We Design and Build

We build all types of websites for all clients that are mobile friendly. From small business websites to eCommerce websites we can create something that will look good and drive conversion. We build all our sites on WordPress which means you get a content management system that allows for easy updates of content. This allows you  not to have to hire and wait on a developer to make easy updates to your site. The are also built using SEO best practices and reviewed by our SEO experts.

Website Design Process

1. Website Consultations

We will identify your goals for the website in order to have a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve.

2. Develop Website Outline

Once we know what you are looking for we will create an outline of what we are going to build. This will provide the navigation pages that we are going to build out for us to review. This allows us to make any changes and helps us get it right the first time.

3. Obtain Assets & Copy

We will need all assets and copy for the new site. In most cases we are able to take the copy and assets from the old site for the new site.

4. Build Site

Once we have approval and everything required to get started we will build the site. Once ready you will get the URL to view the site for final approval on the staging environment. Once approved we will make your new website live.

What You Get For FREE!

Built on WordPress

Built on the free WP content management system that allows you to easily update content, images, and more.

Responsive Design

Whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop your website will change to the optimal size for the viewing screen. Your site will also be Google Mobile Friendly.

You Own Your Site

We help you setup your website on the registrar and host of your choice. You will own your site and never be held to paying ridiculous management fees like other developers.

Analytics Integration

Understanding your website performance will help you understand your site traffic. We include setting up Google Analytics on your site.

Google Search Console

We will help setup your Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) so that you can have a better understanding of how your site is being viewed by Google.

Site Backup Plugin

You will have the WP premium plugin Backup Buddy installed on your site. This copies your site so you are able to restore it the site ever crashes, gets hacked, & more.

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