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Yelp Ads Certified Partner

As a Yelp Ads Certified partner we are able to run your your Yelp advertising. We get a Yelp Account manager who gives us direct support for all of our clients.  We are also able to run ads for a lower spend than if you are going directly to Yelp.

Yelp is the #1 used for people looking for a local business. They have over 95 million monthly unique visitors and are the 21st most visited internet property in the United States.

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Types of Digital Solutions Yelp Offers

Yelp Enhance Profile

An enhanced Yelp profile allows you to manage your images/video content, business data, business information and place call to actions when potential customers are viewing your business.

Yelp Local Search (CPC Advertising)

Through paid advertising you can drive potential customers to your Yelp page or location pages based on what they are looking and searching for.

Yelp Targeted Ads: Search Results

Local Ad Info:

  • Geo-targeting to
    location level
  • Category Related
  • Pay per click
  • Competitor Profile Page

Creative Options:

  • Quotes from positive
  • 1st 150 characters – From
    the business section
  • Advertiser provided
    custom text to align with

A Few Ways We Help As A Yelp Ads Certified Partner


We will help you optimize and track the success of your Yelp campaign by making sure you have an optimized Yelp business page. We will also look at the analytics of your Yelp profile and for your site.

It is very important that you use tracking to measure the results of your Yelp campaign. Not all Yelp campaigns are successful and you need to be able to measure the ROI.

Your website should have call tracking in order to identify calls by source. There are a number of call tracking options and we can help you identify and setup the correct one for your site. DO NOT use a call tracking number on your Yelp business page. You want to use your business number that is on your site so that search engines can match the Yelp citation to your website.

Contact us to discuss how to properly setup call tracking on your site.

Web form submissions are also another metric that you want to measure. Knowing who triggers web form submissions will help you measure if Yelp is driving qualified leads that convert or if you are getting a bunch of sales responses.

Yelp Business Partners and Integrations

Apple Maps and Siri

The Yelp integration with Apple Maps and Siri provides powerful consumer experiences on over 100 million iPhones.


Integrate reviews and content with Bing local search and local business pages


Content that is integrated with Amazon Fire Phone maps

Auto Integrations

Integration with in-dash systems made by BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo.


Power Yahoo local content


Integration with Yelp provides house hunters using Trulia with neighborhood insights, allowing them to access ratings, and reviews.

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