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Every business needs web analytics and there are a few choices out there. Two of the major competitors in the web analytics platforms space is Google Analytics (Free or Premium) and Adobe Marketing Cloud. موقع vpn اون لاين Both are great options but there are a few things to note prior to making a final decision.

Making sure you have the proper analytics setup so you can measure what your PPC Management or SEO Company are producing helps you keep them accountable. Analytics provides you with the data to make the right decisions and GA or Above Cloud Marketing are great tools.

The majority of time I recommend going with Google Analytics free for most businesses since it is a great option and can provide the digital analytics a company needs. In some cases it is the best option for a company to go with Google Analytics Premium or Adobe Marketing Cloud when they have a large volume of traffic, need to generate custom variables, and/or want to keep their data.

Google Analytics has a free option which provides a lot of great web traffic detail and I believe is acceptable for 90% of businesses. It will be up to you to set up the account and get the code on the site so Google can start tracking. It is very easy to do and you can have your developer put the code on the site or if you are using WordPress install a plugin.

Check out Google’s explanation of Google Analytics:

google analytics premium

Google Analytics Premium’s major difference from the free standard option is the support that is provided. Google will provide customer support, strategy support, analytics support, reporting support, campaign support, as well as number of other support options. They will also guarantee service and establish service level agreements. They will also charge you a flat fee of $150,000 a year for the premium version.

adobe marketing cloud logo

Adobe Marketing Cloud (Formerly Adobe SiteCatalyst) is also a premium web analytics platform and requires a high level of effort in order to implement. I would also suggest using their consultant to help set up Adobe Marketing Cloud as it will require a few months of establishing documentation in order to track correctly based on your site. The cost of Adobe Marketing Cloud is based on the number of hits the sites receives and can average about $100,000 a year although I had implemented it for about $30,000 a year for a business. You will also want to make sure you have someone on staff who is well verse in web analytics and can help with reporting or outsource reporting which adds another cost. العاب متنوعة وكثيرة

Adobe Marketing Cloud Explained. العاب كازينو اونلاين

Check out Adobe’s explanation of SiteCatalyst:

Below is a table that compares a few of Google Analytics Free, Google Analytics Premium, Adobe Marketing Cloud features that you can take into account when reviewing web analytics platforms.

 Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics PremiumAdobe Marketing Cloud
PriceFree$150,000$30,000 to $100,000
Customer SupportOnline Forums and Phone SupportCustomer Support HotlineCustomer Support Hotline
Maximum Hits per Monthy10 Million Hits1 Billion HitsDepends on Price
Data AccuracyStrongStrongStrong
Custom Variables5 Custom Variables with old version; 20 Custom Variables with Universal Analytics50 Custom Variables75 Custom Variables
Back up25 Months25 MonthsAs long as a customer
A/B Testingyes (Google Experiments)yes (Google Experiments)Must have Adobe Test and Target

If you have any questions call or email us and we can figure out which web analytics platform is the best solution for your business.

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